Range Rules

Safety Rules


  1. All shooting done under the name of the Miramichi Sportsmen’s Club or Miramichi Shooting Sports, shall be done with supervision for safety and under observation of the Range Officer. A Range Officer is the person on the range responsible for the overall coordination and safety of those on the range. This is the first person to arrive on the range, unless otherwise delegated, and when that person leaves, the role or Range Officer falls to the person remaining on the range who arrived earliest, unless otherwise delegated.
  2. Never load any firearm unless you are on the firing line and the Range Officer has given you the command to do so.
  3. When warning is given that shooting is taking place, no other person shall be near or come within arms reach behind shooters until the “ALL CLEAR” signal is given or displayed.
  4. Treat every firearm as if it were loaded until proven otherwise by yourself.
  5. Be sure the gun barrel is free from obstruction.
  6. Keep the muzzle of the firearm pointed in a safe direction, at all times.
  7. Keep the action open (cylinder open or the slide or bolt back) until you are ready to fire unless your firearm is safely cased or holstered. Handguns carried in a holster must have an empty magazine well, and the hammer or striker must be decocked until loaded at the firing line. All rifles and shotguns are also required to have their breeches or actions open until they are to be fired. No guns should be loaded unless you are at the proper firing line or shotgun station.
  8. Obey all firing line commands immediately and without question.
  9. All shooters will register in the supplied club books at the time of arrival and also at the time of departure. At each faction, a Club ledger shall be kept on the “Honor System” with each member ensuring that all guests accompanying members are also registered.
  10. All members will take their turn at the shooting positions to ensure that each member has the opportunity to shoot. The Range Officer will be responsible to ensure this takes place.
  11. All movement in the background or in the building in the case of the pistol or rifle range, while shooting is taking place, should be kept to a minimum.
  12. While shooters are forward (for any reason) of the firing line, during a cease fire, no other shooters are to advance to the shooting positions, or handle firearms, unless in the case of an emergency.
  13. The Range Officer will be in charge in the case of an emergency. All shooting will stop and the firearms will be cleared and laid on the table.
  14. After shooting is completed, the shooter will open the cylinder or slide to show the Range Officer that the firearm is cleared before going to check the target. Unloaded Firearms, with their actions open, may be left on the table. All shooters must ensure firearms are clear before going to check their targets.
  15. Do not handle anyone else’s firearm without permission.
  16. A Red Flag must be flown when a range is in use, and the yellow Range in Use sign must properly indicate.
  17. Absolutely no hunting or firing at animals which might wander out onto the property.
  18. Anyone showing up with, or under the influence of, alcohol, cannabis, or drugs before or during range hours will be asked to leave and the matter brought up before the executive where expulsion may occur.
  19. The executive will attend to violations of firearm safety or personal behavior on the range.
  20. At the end of the shooting day, the range grounds and club buildings shall be left tidy and secure before the last person leaves.
  21. All persons on the Range (shooters, guests, and bystanders) must wear eye and ear protection. Wearing only regular prescription glasses is not recommended.
  22. Shotguns used on shotgun fields are to use shells of pellet-size 7.5 or smaller (for example “8”).
  23. Pistol ranges are for .22 S/L/LR, and common pistol calibres only. No rifle-calibre ammunition to be used on pistol ranges.


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