Wobble Trap

Wobble Trap is a variant of standard Trap Shooting. Each shooter is presented with 15 clays, and may take up to two shots at each clay, for a total of 30 rounds of ammunition per game.

The Thrower:

In this sport, there is a single trap house centered low in front of the shooters. The thrower in this house moves its aim in a random fashion, and on the "Pull" command, a clay can come out in virtually any downrange direction and angle of elevation.

The Shooters:

Five Shooters stand at five stations behind and facing the house. Each shooter, in turn, calls out "Pull", and receives one clay. A maximum of two shots may be taken at the clay, before the next shooter gets a turn with a fresh pull. Once the fifth shooter has completed his turn, the Scorekeeper may order (or the shooters may arrange on their own) a "change" of stations. All shooters to move to the next station on the right. The fifth shooter exits the station by turning to the right, and crossing behind the other stations to station #1.

Rules and Etiquette:

As each shooter completes their turn, they should not move from their station, until the shooter to the right has completed their turn. This is to ensure they do not crowd the next shooter. However, once the shooter to the right has completed their turn, each shooter should move toward their new station to allow the shooter on the left to slide in. (it's also important that the left shooter is able to shoot without being crowded by people on their right. 

Shotguns must be unloaded, and have actions open at all times, except when on their station. While on Station, a shooter will have two rounds loaded, but action open, until it's their turn to call. The shooter on the far right, when completed shooting, must remove any remaining ammunition from the firearm before leaving the station, and may reload once arrived at station 1. At no time, should a shotgun be removed from the line, or pointed in any direction other than downrange, with ammunition present in the firearm

The Wobble Trap Range at our Club was built in 2015 by members of the Shotgun Faction.

(Photo to follow soon)

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