Winterseed 2024

Nine shooters braved a long, cold Saturday, as Miramichi hosted Atlantic Canada's first Winterseed event.

Everyone's shooting improved significantly, with five shooters earning the Winterseed badge, and two also earning the new Elite badge (for scoring 240/250 on at least one target).

5m Range booked from 4pm today until end of Saturday

The Mapleseed folks will be setting up on the 50m range at 4pm today. Please avoid that range from 4pm until Sunday morning.

Winterseed postponed!

Due to the inclement weather expected tomorrow, we're rescheduling to our backup date, Feb 17. The 50m Pistol bay will be open tomorrow, Feb 10, but closed next Saturday.

Winterseed - Range closure Saturday

A reminder that Winterseed will be using the 50m Pistol Range on Saturday. The three side-bays will be available for pistol shooters.

Winterseed, and Road Plowed again!

1. A reminder of the Mapleseed event coming up next Saturday, 10 Feb, at our Club (50m Range). When held in the Winter, we call the events Winterseed. There are still spots available. To learn more, contact Guy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Here's the event Registration:

Here's a site with a lot of good info about preparing for a Mapleseed (Winterseed just means wear lots more layers!):

2. The road has been plowed again. Huge thanks to our volunteers!


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