Project Mapleseed at Miramichi Shooting Sports

Miramichi Shooting Sports hosted Project Mapleseed, Saturday, 12 August. A great program for teaching and practicing the fundamentals of marksmanship, this program applies to hunting and target shooting alike.

Here are photos from the day (Photo credits to Guy and Robyn). Click on a photo to see the whole picture:


Turkey Shoot 2023

Turkey Shoot (you can view the poster here:
This is basically a random draw, but you have to work for it :) Fire three shots, we total up the score, and you could win a turkey. Anyone can win!

What:  Rifle Faction- Turkey Shoot.

Who:  Members and guests of The Miramichi Shooting Sports Club

When: 9 Dec 2022.  10am to 4pm.

Where:  Miramichi Shooting Sports Club Rifle Range.

Aim:  Chance to win a turkey or other prize.  Support your club, use our faclities and chat with like minded sport shooters.

Concept:  Shooter heads out to the range at their convenience on the day. Shoots their authorized sporting firearm, standing unsupported at a 'blind' paper target at 50yds.  

High scores get prizes:  There will be three turkeys, perhaps more turkeys and other prizes if there is a good turn out (more money in the pot).

Safety:  Standard range rules will be followed.  In addition:

    One of the volunteers will be the RSO, follow the RSO's instructions once at the shack.   Arrive with gun action open and muzzle up, there will be a rack to place your rifle until it is your turn to shoot. Ear protection in.  There could be members using lanes concurrently, the RSO will coord all movement.  RSO will supervise posting and retrieving of your tgt/tgts and your application of fire.

Turkey shoot rules:

1.    any authorized rifle or pistol caliber.  

2.    50yds, standing unsupported/off hand, x3 rds.  Sitting unsupported may be used if needed.

3.    Tgt is a 8 ½ x 11 paper tgt with random numbers 1 thru 20 in squares in a sealed envelope.  We have 50 variations, or more, of the number pattern.  So it's purely a game of chance.  Envelope is posted, shooter shoots x3 rds at random spots on envelope.  Anyone could be a winner.

4.    $5 a tgt or 3 for $10.  Purchase as many as you want.  Stack multiples and shoot through all tgts and save ammo.    

Details, the devil is them:

This will be conducted from the garage door side.    Bring cash for your tgt/tgs. Your tgts will be scored and we'll let you know your score.  Winners will be contacted at end of day 9 Dec.  You'll be informed of your prize and pick up arrangements made. Winners and scores will be announced in a newsletter as well.


Chilli Shoot 2023

Chilli Shoot (you can view the poster here:

We are having the 22nd Annual Chilli Shoot on Saturday  December 9, 2023. Registration from 900am to 200pm. Entry fee is $10.00 for $25 targets, you may shoot as many multiples of 25 targets as you wish. The 15 Station Sporting Clay course (up to 100 targets), the 13 Station Super Sporting Clay course (up to 100 targets) and the 5 station Compact Sporting Clay course (25 targets) will be open to all who wish to shoot. You can shoot 25 to 225 targets and not repeat your sequence of shots. Lots of variety to choose from.

Grab a friend or family member and come out for a fun day of shooting. This will be our grand finale for the 2023 Sporting Clay courses, of the 2023 shooting season.

There will be a hot pot of Chilli and a roll waiting for you in the "Hot Stove Lounge", otherwise known as the clubhouse, after shooting, so you may warm up while commiserating with fellow shooters about "the one that got away".

Hope to see you at the 22nd Annual Chilli Shoot!


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