The Road has been plowed (19 Jan)

A huge thanks to Scott, Keith, and Steven, for helping to keep the range open, through the Winter. Amazing things happen when a couple people say "hey, I can help out there!". The power of our Club is in volunteering to make it better.

Chilli Shoot and Turkey Shoot

Click to links here to view more info ==> Chilli Shoot 2023Turkey Shoot 2023

Fall Day on the Shotgun Range

Sunday was a great day for breaking some Clays on the Sporting Clay Range.

Construction on the Rifle Range - 2023

Construction is underway, and will hopefully be done in a week (fingers crossed):

Long-Range Shooting at CFB Gagetown

The Royal New Brunswick Rifle Association, Full-Bore Section, occasionally holds shooting events in the CFB Gagetown Training Area. I attended one today, hoping to beat my 1000yd personal best, that I got two years ago.

A good turnout today at "Firing Point 4". Some of these shooters will return tomorrow to attempt to strike out to 2500yd (2KM).

With my son, and some new optics, we were both able to ring steel at 1200yd (1.09KM), fairly consistently, in gusty conditions.

Looking forward to the next event!



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